Ordering OpenBSD products

OpenBSD 5.6
Nov 1, 2014
Every six months (around May 1 and Nov 1) OpenBSD makes an official software release. To accompany this free software released on the internet, we make artwork and a song which are distributed along with the software on a set of CDs. The sale of these items retains the OpenBSD Project leader (Theo de Raadt) to herd developers full-time towards a software release every 6 months, as well as paying other project costs.

Our primary distributor Zednax runs the OpenBSD Store and sells our newer release worldwide out of the UK.

Older releases of OpenBSD (and tshirts, posters, and our music CDs) continue to be available at the Computer Shop of Calgary. Purchasing these old items contributes to our efforts.

If you choose to instead download the software for free, please consider making a donation to the OpenBSD Foundation to support the continued development.